Our Artisan Italian Skincare


Our Organic Farm

Our Heritage Italian Botanicals™ are grown and harvested on our organic farm in Puglia, Italy. Our local farmers expertly extract our key ingredients within hours of harvest to capture the precious vitamins, minerals, and peptides in each ingredient for maximum efficacy.

Our Organic Chemists

Our team of Italian chemists has been working for decades to discover the most effective combination of Italian botanicals for the ultimate skin rejuvenation experience.

Our team lives the Italian tradition and combines the best botanicals from Mother Earth with the latest in innovation.

Our Lab

Our state-of-the-art lab is located less than 1km from our organic farm to preserve the efficacy of each ingredient and ensure our formulations are fresh for your skin. It also reduces our carbon footprint.

We take the utmost care to research, test, and produce skincare solutions of the highest quality that will make a difference for your skin.

Certified Organic

Our skincare line is certified-organic to the highest standard of NATRUE. This approval represents a verifiable and internationally applicable benchmark for authentic organic beauty products globally.

The NATRUE seal is not granted on a product-by-product basis: it is only awarded to brands wholly committed to natural and organic cosmetics.

Our Guiding Values

Our guiding values are central to our mission. They give purpose and direction to our company, our brand and our products.


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