Discovering Pure, Italian Botanicals

Prior to developing Prato Botanico, my husband Tom and I battled a myriad of skin issues: hyperpigmentation, acne, sun damage, too oily/too dry, dullness, uneven tone and general sensitivity. We spent countless dollars on hyped up skincare containing synthetic ingredients that didn’t work and usually stripped or exacerbated our sensitive skin.

After living and working in Europe for a few years, Tom and I fell completely in love with the organic way of living in these beautiful countries. We felt so much healthier during this period of life, and it fed my long-held belief that Mother Earth provides all the ingredients we need (and our skin needs) to thrive.

Our journeys eventually guided us to Puglia, Italy where we discovered their deep heritage and extraordinary commitment to organic and sustainable farming. This idyllic region with nutrient-rich soil is especially suited to producing some of the most efficacious skincare ingredients in the world.

These beautiful, Italian botanical ingredients absolutely transformed my skin in a matter of weeks, truly revealing the most natural, beautiful skin I have ever experienced. Our mission is to share the incredible benefits of hand-picked, cold-pressed, Italian botanicals with people to help them achieve their most natural, beautiful skin.

Certified Organic

NATRUE, a European-based International Association of Natural and Organic Cosmetic experts, upholds "the highest possible standards for natural cosmetics and their ingredients." 

Of the three certification tiers that NATRUE offers, Prato Botanico proudly holds the most selective and stringent category of "Organic Cosmetics".

This certification, granted after an exhaustive review of our formulations, ingredients, sourcing methods, packaging and manufacturing practices, is one of the many ways in which Prato Botanico sets itself apart from other beauty companies.

Among other attributes, NATRUE's seal of approval offers an independent guarantee that our products are free from toxins, parabens and GMO ingredients, are ethically and sustainably made, and are cruelty free.

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