Our Handcrafted Approach

Our luxurious skincare formulations are made using the same artisanal, handcrafted approach Italy has been known to deliver for hundreds of years. It is a tradition of exceptional quality, preservation of purity, and deep reverence for Mother Earth. Our resulting Heritage Italian Botanical™ Formulations renew the skin and reveal the most natural, beautiful you.

Ingredients from Mother Earth

At Prato Botanico, we begin with rich botanical ingredients from Mother Earth.

We hold a deep reverence for Mother Earth and believe she provides all of the ingredients our skin needs to continually renew and thrive.

Our goal is to help all people nourish and love their skin in its most natural, beautiful form.

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Hand-harvested, small-batch approach

We use the same hand-harvested, small batch approach Italy has been known to deliver for hundreds of years. Our authentic formulations are ultra-effective, 100% non-toxic ingredients, and exceptional quality to give you the best skincare experience possible.

Cold-Pressed within hours of harvest for maximum efficacy

Our key Heritage Botanicals are cold-pressed within hours of hand-harvesting to preserve the precious vitamins, minerals and peptides of each plant to produce greatest results for your skin. See how:

BioPreserve Botanical™ Innovation

We use an innovative method of botanical preservation to capture the maximum efficacy of each plant ingredient in our formulations. Our key ingredients contain antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help retain the integrity of vitamins, minerals, and peptides in each product. This gives our clients ultra-effective formulations without any toxic preservatives.

Captured in Artisan Glass Bottles

Our beautiful glass bottles are made in Milan by artisan glassmakers that have been crafting skincare vessels for generations. Glass is what keeps our formulations ultra fresh and effective to give you the greatest results for your skin.

Clean Beauty+

For Prato Botanico, "clean beauty" means we have a strict adherence to providing environmentally friendly products that do not contain any type of toxic ingredient that could pollute the body or the Earth.

We don't test our products on animals and, with the exception of responsibly-sourced beeswax in our lip balm, we don't utilize animal-derived ingredients. We use natural and organic ingredients, many of which are locally farmed.

We can proudly say that our products are clean, pure and free of all toxic and potentially harmful ingredients.

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